We are used to do programming sitting alone, put headphones on, and just immerse in it. But it does not have to be that way always. You can grab one of your friends or peer to sit next to you and you both can start coding. It sounds weird, two people sitting next to each other and working on the same problem. Isn’t it?

It is not. At times you need to just need to share your views with your peers and see how different they think about the same problem. I have done it a lot in my day-to-day…

I will start with a strong note, this MVP is a failure! So, it’s not a success story. What I want to write about is how to quickly build MVP, how can you chop features to be just absolutely minimum but covers the core purpose of the product.


I had this idea in my mind from long back.

What if you create a platform where, people come create a discussion room on a particular topic. People come to this platform, see all the topics that are live and can join the room to either participate or silently watch the discussion…

Exceptions; the fundamental feature of most of the programming languages available today. It looks like a very simple concept. When something goes bad, throw the exception, and catch to handle it. Pretty straightforward. But believe me, this is one of the concepts I request changes while reviewing peer code. I thought to share what I understood about exceptions and how I use them. So, let's dive in!


As programmers, while programming, we trust multiple underneath layers. For example, you assume that the required memory is available on the primary storage. You generally never check if memory is available before putting…

This topic so intangible, I am confused about where to start. Looks like understanding Engineering would lay the foundation. So, let us talk about engineering and software architecture first so that we can talk about the analogy the title says


If you observe, software engineering is just one branch among the umbrella of engineering streams we have defined so far. So that says there are some principles that constitute the engineering itself.

Apart from this, as far as I understand, the engineering term itself is loosely defined. So, I define it as

“applying defined mathematical/scientific principles to solve evolving human…

I am pretty sure you might have read tons of articles on Design Patterns. Even I had read a lot before actually using them in the projects that I worked on. I figured out that most of the articles that I read just explain about the patterns. They don’t clearly explain why should we use them, where to use them.

As I have used them in multiple places, I am writing this post to explain what are these design patterns, why, and where to use them. I will try my best to make you understand the concepts. …

Coding is not the same as building a project. If you are solving some problems for fun, or for competitive programming, you don’t have to give importance to the structure of the program you write. You can call the variable names whatever you want. Your job is to get the tests to pass.

Whereas building a project which has to be handled by multiple people, extendable easily, decently manageable, and debuggable. These are more engineering concepts than the ability to solve the problems.

I would like to talk about a few important qualities. Most of the time while reviewing the…

Once I had an idea for which I needed an android application. As the team was just two, one myself, another designer; Venkat, we needed the quickest way to build it. I was very comfortable in building javascript frontend applications. So, I built the whole frontend in Vue which almost looks like a native application. I felt sharing the experience with people would be a useful idea. It is the process and experience than giving a solution

I don’t go deep inside code. I just want to share the process and experience :)

Here we go!

Initially, we did not have any intention…

Source — https://dailyfintech.com/2017/02/20/applying-loose-coupling-software-principles-to-enterprise-digital-transformation/

There are two groups. One who loves micro service and the other who does not. Oh, I forgot about one more group, which is kind of in between. I stand there. I want to take the advantages of having micro services at the same time don’t want to bloat the system so that advantages take the U turn.

I would like to give some references before we go to the point.

David Heinemeier, from Basecamp, says he is against the micro services. Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/episode/2s28wHKb1uWPhUasxUUxGL

Malcolm Gladwell in David and Goliath book, says, advantages and disadvantages can go…

We all started with it, if … else .. a beautiful branching tool. We would have used it count less time in our past. So did I. Everything was fine till it slowly started messing up my code.

Anyone who has built systems which is managed by more than ten member team, would understand my point. Okay enough said. Let me walk you through examples.

Lets assume we are in the process of building e-commerce application, specifically assigning our orders to logistic services. We have tied up with multiple logistic services who work in a range of postal codes. …

Pramod Kumar

Technology explorer, love reading stuff, writing too. AVP Technology at Shubhloans — http://pramod73.in

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